Saturday, January 1, 2011

Beginning Again

There is a heaviness to the air and a slowness of movement on rainy days such as this. Rainy days are perfect for thinking. Since this is the first day of 2011, planning for the new year is on my mind. It's a day of evaluating 2010 and mapping out goals for 2011.

Always We Begin Again by John McQuiston II is a favorite little book that I read and reread. Based on the Rule of Saint Benedict, the premise is simple. If we take "control of our lives, if we are intentional and careful in how we spend the hours of each irreplaceable day, if we discipline ourselves to live in a balanced and thankful way, we will create from our experiences, whatever they may be, the best possible life." (p.5)

It is within this context that I plan for each day and for the future.

May your 2011 be all that you wish and desire.
Happy New Year.


Nanci Hersh said...

Love the photo... what is it, a photo you took? one of your pieces?
Thanks for the book suggestion... i love inspiring books - will check this one out.

Thanks... talk to you soon and Happy New Year to you too!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Nanci. I took the photo. I used a point & shoot camera, at night (the blurriness) of a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture floating in a pond. Then photoshop'd it. Glad you like it!

Denise Bellon West said...

I like it, too! The word "luscious" comes to mind. Blog Triage buddy system - have you found someone? I'm still trying to get myself into a groove, and I forget to click around to see everyone else's posts! Give a holler if you want more accountability.

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