Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cleaned Up & Fixed Up

A Cleaned Up & Fixed Up corner in the studio. This makes me smile!

I feel lighter and ready to go to work.

Who would have guessed that this is the same corner that I photographed on August 18th, before the closet was built?


Jennifer Hawkes said...

Hi Kathryn
I love your blog ... by far my favorite from our class. Your work is beautiful and I am working on my blog envy ... ha
best, Jennifer

Kathryn said...

Gosh, Jennifer, what a compliment!! Thank you for looking.

Nanci Hersh said...

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. When I clicked on your name to respond to your comment it bring me to a place where I could see your blog... but I did see that you also work in encaustic and I wanted to let you know about and opportunity that just ended this week but I am thinking maybe you could contact Haly Nagy and plead your case to be considered. Regardless, I think that you would be interested in her work and her blog.

Nanci Hersh said...


Love your new cleaned up studio corner... I can feel the breath of creativity coming into it....

Excuse me while I go deal with mine!

Cynthia Morris said...

Wow! This is amazing, and totally inspiring. I have a bit of clutter in one spot of my office and I've been meaning to clean it up. Your post inspires me to do it sooner rather than later! Thanks for this peek into your studio!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the heads up about Haly Nagy and the opportunity. I'm so overwhelmed with Triage that I'm passing on any extra work (pleading my case). But I'll bookmark her! And you, too!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for reading! My cleaned up and neatened up corner is still that way. The visual clutter was suffocating me!

Denise Bellon West said...


I can so relate!!! Here are my before:


and after pictures of my studio:

Yours looks amazing! I think you must be super-human to be able to do it yourself, so you are now my new role model.

Denise (from BT class)

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Denise. I am basically good at organizing just gets out of hand at times!

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