Monday, October 11, 2010

I've Missed Painting

Is it the fall air? I've missed painting. The stand-up kind. I had a discussion not too long ago about working methodology. For several years, I have worked with encaustic and it is most agreeable to work with the work flat, that is, parallel to the floor. The arm/hand movements are necessarily short and contained. After all, the wax cools so quickly that a short stroke is all you get, unless you heat it and move it around. Oil painting, though, is so different. The strokes can be however you like them to be. And if you change your mind, well, you can just do it differently. And I am a "stander" when I paint.
A couple of weeks ago I began some encaustic paintings on Claybord, smallish ones, 12x12". Before I realized it, I was dancing with the paint and an electric spatula...all over the surface. It was fun!!

© 2010 Kathryn Dettwiller Desktop Stack, Encaustic on Claybord, 12 x 12"

For a good while, I have made contained work. Easily contained on the surface of the board. But these, wow, these spilled all over the edges and I used some thread to visually rein in the shapes. To contain the bedlam of color and shape, I put a tiny thread fence that is useless. 
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Margret said...

Hello Kathryn, Nice to see the work of a fellow Blog Triage member. Your encaustic pieces are wonderful. It is a medium I have always admired because it seems complex with a lot of skill necessary to execute. Would love to see more close up images of the other work that is in the groupings. Best, Margret

Kathryn said...

Thanks Margret.
I am working on tweaking the images that I are already in my database and I plan to post some of the detail photos in the near future.
The Triage class is so intense that I'm struggling to keep up, much less to keep up my studio practice. I'm currently learning the Raw format and how to use it, so most images are not ready to publish now.

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