Friday, May 21, 2010

A Painter Speaks

I am a visual person. I see what many people miss. But I miss a lot, too. Such is human nature.
To commit to writing a blog is a challenge to my expressive skills. Writing is not my preferred mode of communication. Writing is way down my list of aptitudes. Writing is not fun for me. But I concur with many other artists who maintain that blogging informs their art practice. So, I am writing.

I have always considered myself a painter, even though I occasionally stray off the page. Two dimensional painting is more familiar to me. Working in the round (three dimensionally) is like dancing with an accomplished dancer. I feel quite uncomfortable and intimidated.

Many years ago I taught art in junior and senior high school. There I learned to verbalize numerous possible solutions to the task at hand. Sometimes it took ten different ways of saying the same thing to connect with a student. The tenth variation might be the ”aha” moment for them.

May all of us, you, the reader, and I, the artist, experience many “ahas.”


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