Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Turns on a Dime

There's an old saying that life turns on a dime, and that is quite clear to me. Three friends that are about my age have cancer. For two of them it is a recurring cancer. Another friend had a massive stroke last week and died. An elderly relative of mine fell in mid January, was hospitalized and now is in a nursing facility. His apartment and belongings had to be dissolved, his bills canceled, and his future care arranged.

I have a favorite saying: life has run away with me. Sometimes our best laid plans get blasted by grim realities, personal responsibilities and demanding health issues. We can dream, plan, and forecast, but sometimes that train derails.Attention to something else demands our energy. So we put the plans aside to take care of immediate business. And when the coast is clear we begin again. That's where I am today. Beginning again. To blog, to paint, to muse.

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